Monday, July 28, 2008

malaysian food - it's no wonder i came back 5kgs heavier!

these are in no particular order, mainly street foods and other goodness. i'll walk you through them ;)

hooters chicken wings, singapore. yes the place is commercial, but i love the wings. too bad these ones weren't so great - i've made these at home from ingredients from the usa food store, and i think mine were better ;)

next couple of pics: no signboard seafood

white pepper crab. this was soooo good, with heaps of pepper, garlic, and other bits.

chilli crab. not as spicy as i thought, but enough to give my lips a tingle. i preferred the white pepper though.

leftover bits and pieces. we greeded too much food and couldn't finish it all!

white turnip cake (carrot cake), i forget the correct name for this...

grilled stingray, at wong a wah, on jalan alor street in malaysia. this is a dedicated food street and has lots of eateries.

grilled chicken wings, also at wong a wah. these were amazing - marinated in soy and other bits, and then roasted over charcoal.

muai ge - a jelly like snack covered with crushed peanuts.

CKT, of course! this was in penang. no blood cockles though. lucky for me - the texture was not so great for me.

of course, no trip to malaysia is complete without satay skewers

chicken drumstick in herbal broth. this was my traditional hangover food in penang. not too bad overall.

penang food court...

assam laksa. think of normal laksa, but no coconut milk. it was a bit bitter, and the stock (prawn) was a bit funky.

jamon serrano with cantaloupe at el cerdo, in malaysia.

half a suckling pig. mmm, piggie!

oyster omelette. the omelette was great, but i didn't like the oysters. it looked so tempting i chose to ignor ethe fact that i dislike oysters. d'oh!

roti chanai - this was our morning ritual while we were in KL - for 1 ringgit (30 cents aussie), you get a nice breakfast.

parathi? i'm not sure - we pointed at something someone else was having, and then they brought one for us. no idea what it was.

durian pancakes. very nice, but a little bitter at the end. needed more durian.

below: yong tau foo.

siew yew - i can never spell this correctly,


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

P0714 - Thosai
P0682 - Siew yoke

You've certainly feasted in Malaysia, m'boy.

thanh7580 said...

Hey JamesBluntKnife, good to find yet another Melbourne blogger. The food from Malaysia looks great. I really liked the grilled stingray too at Jalun Alor. I had never tried stingray before but my friend said it is really good. And the satay skewers were delicious.

jamesbluntknife said...

i swear, it was all about the chicken wings - they were marinated and cooked over coals. they were so moist, and the skin was so crispy, and bursting with flavor!

i'd live on them if i could (and if i never got fat)

thanh7580 said...

I love chicken wings too, especially over a coal fired bbq. And I'm not just saying it to agree with you, look at my post that I dedicated to coal fired bbqs and chicken wings.

piyo-chan said...

i miss penanggggggg!!!! well - the food actually... that picture of gurney drive makes me want to book a flight there right now! (i used to study there for a couple years. :P)