Sunday, August 3, 2008

this week

i had a pretty big weekend so i didn't get to go to any restaurants - friday i had a friend's birthday party at the deck (the pics aren't very special, and are mostly incriminating, so they're not going up on here. if you are on my facebook, then you'll have seen them/ be in them anyway).

drinks consumed:
3 scotch and dry
4 glenmorangie and soda
2 tequila
1 tequila and tabasco (i highly recommend this).
1 quick-something
1 chartreuse

drinks sequestered from others:
white wine (wooded chardonnay)
gin and tonic which i mistook for water
sctoches and bourbons

3 berocca. oh, and eggs benedict, which are my new best friend ;)

as you can see, my detox went very well, thank you very much!

in other news, i'm going to a pub this thursday for the best bangers and mash i have ever eaten (i'll review them either here or somewhere else perhaps, but they really are amazing), cooking eye fillet with baby potatoes friday for my girlfriend, bistro vue on saturday, and then not sure what else.

i have to fit all of that in with gym (3 nights), squash (2 nights), a pushup challenge with a friend, and work, of course. fun all round!

otherwise, i have been having a read of other blogs. i'm only going to post one as it made me a bit curious about freedom of speech and all that jazz, in particular regarding a restaurant review:

i recommend having a read, as i don't know a lot of the legal ramifications, but i think it's rather interesting and comes at a time when bloggers are getting mainstream attention.

til next time, james

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