Thursday, July 10, 2008

My plans (from now on)

Now that I am back from Malaysia (pics to come), it seems that some much-needed rest is out of the question.

Coming up: me finally blogging on a semi-constant basis. i'm aiming for 1 blog a week, but in reality, if i can be arsed, it will be much, much more than that.

This weekend is going to be good for the soul, cleansing, and enjoyable. restful? well, maybe if i can sneak in a couple hours here and there.

Tonight I'll be going to Quan Jude for peking duck. I've been to one of their restaurants in Beijing (the wangfujing branch) and it lived up to the expectation. Can this give old kingdom a run for it's money? I guess i'll find out tonight.
Afterwards, i'm heading to a house-cooling party of a friend's in brunswick. He's finally taken the plunge and bought a house. coming soon: suburbia, and no late-night souvlaki places... (him, not me).

Saturday I'll return to the collingwood farmer's market like a moth to a flame. instead of scorching heat and searing pain, i'm attracted to buffalo mozzarella and wild olives in the biggest jar i can mitts on; it seems i have a craving, an addiction if you will. hey, at least it's not the allure of an aged single malt here folks.

Afterwards, I'm tossing up the idea of a late breakfast at replete - yes, yes i know i have to try the ricotta hotcakes, however, this time they no longer have the siren's call. the bagna cauda i had there last time was something special, but i'm tossing up between the satisfying bircher muesli with it's pure clean tastes, and the replete breakfast with their special baked beans. yum!

To top it all off, I'm being taken to "a" restaurant for my birthday by my girlfriend. I'm still getting used to the upgrade from "someone i'm seeing" to "something more serious", but it feels right. Not sure where or what the restuarant is - all i know is that it's japanese, and that it's a surprise. sounds ok to me!

so that's all from me for now, but since i have come back from my holiday, i'll have more time to blog, and let you all see the world through my eyes.

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