Wednesday, July 23, 2008

honeycomb cheesecake

This is my sister's tried and true honeycomb cheesecake recipe.

Pics to come this saturday/sunday (i want to make a good one first). anyway, i think my point is that if a total food klutz like i ca make this, then anyone can. and it really does taste great!

Honeycomb cheesecake.

2/3 pack chocolate ripple biscuits (double pack size)
80 grams butter (melted)

  1. crush biscuits
  2. melt butter, and stir in with biscuits.
  3. press into 20 cm spring form round tin (greased).
  4. put in fridge to harden.


500 g cream cheese (needs to be warmed to room temp)
¾ cup castor sugar
3 teaspoons gelatine (or sachet)
1/3 cup boiling water
Juice of ½ a lemon
300 mls cream (beaten to soft peaks)
3 violet crumble bars/family pack, crushed.

  1. beat cream cheese and castor sugar.
  2. melt gelatine in boiling water until dissolved. Stir constantly. Cool in fridge or freezer to room temp.
  3. stir the following into cream cheese mix: whipped cream, lemon juice, gelatine.
  4. mix in violet crumble.
  5. remove base from fridge (check to ensure set).
  6. pour filling into tin.
  7. refrigerate at least 4 hours (or overnight).


Get 600ml cream, and use remaining 300 to whip and cover cheesecake. Can sprinkle left over violet crumble.

If not using non-stick, put a hot wet tea towel around outside for a few minutes.

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