Thursday, September 18, 2008

my life as such

currently, i haven't been eating out as much - i'm currently focusing on being good and trying to put on a couple kilo's of muscle, and as such extravagant food is replaced by bland, boring food and shakes.

i've been taking a whey protein matrix which is comprised of WPI and WPC, and also has BCAA's , and mixing it with cellmass for some creatine as well. it's a lean mix with not a lot of carbs, but it's helping me for now and is kinda tasty too. i finally worked out why i never get a hankering for chocolate - it's because my powders are always chocolate flavour (with the exception of choc mint, which was possibly the best flavour i have had, but not the best protein). overall i am slowly rebuilding muscle as i take the gym a bit more seriously, however i am at the point where i need to consider a personal trainer to push me a bit more. if you don't understand the acronyms, don't worry - they are not that important and only reference points. i'm trying a few other things as well, but generally they sound scary, and so i won't be discussing them in this forum!

i'm trying to juggle this new-found enthusiasm for the gym with squash as well, which is ok, but taking up a heap of my energy during the week. i had to get my racket restrung due to too many bad plays, and got another grip put onto it as well.

i'm still frequenting "the rasoi", the indian restaurant i reviewed a couple of weeks ago, if only because it is so cheap. i've avoided indian for for 95% of my life; i am simply making up for the deficiency!

i've updated my blog roll as well, so have a look - this will be updated with a few more that i frequent as time goes on, simply because i have a lot of blogs i look at, and i don't have the time to add them all at the same time.

i guess that's it. i'll be at the melbourne show on sunday, so if anybody has suggestions for show bags, let me know. likewise if you are too lazy to go/pay the $27, i can grab them for you if it's convenient for everyone involved.

and yes, i know it's boring to read this sort of post, but i figured i'd give you all a bit more info about myself.

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bunchesmcginty said...

I used to live with three body builders. The mention of shakes, whey and such triggers odd memories.

Although, I remember being very drunk and having one of them feed me a shake and thinking that it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

Good luck with muscle building.