Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aix Creperie

Aix Creperie
24 Centre Place
(03) 9662 2667.

This is one one my secret finds. It's on centre place, which in my mind is a continuation of degreaves street, but i personally think this part is better. so if i ever say degreaves street, i actually mean this little part. there is a soup nazi, bars upstairs, and crepes. life is good.

The Significant other ordered this - a soy mocha latte. it looked quite nice, but i can't get used to the taste of soy, so i guess her drink is safe for now. just the same way that friends order gin and tonics when they know i am drunk enough to be a drinksthief, as i don't like the taste. i lovingly call this my "drunkasaurus" stage, which, like the dinosaurs is gradually becoming extinct. However, soy milk is amazing. it's one of those things that transports me back to a different place and time. whenever i have warm soy milk, i always think of the little hole in the wall in shanghai where i would get my daily fix of fresh soy milk and onion pancake. australian soy milk tastes nothing like it though.

peking duck crepe. yes, this is not traditional. and not normally my sort of crepe, but it was very good. the duck meat was tender, juicy, and not too fatty. the skin was not crispy though, which is a shame, but otherwise very good.

YUM! now THIS is my sort of thing. banana, ricotta, and honey. the honey is orange blossum, so is sweet and fragrant and not too heavy.

both of these crepes are $7 (ish) and are quite nice. however, there was a bad side to it, but i'll discuss it in my next post. it just seems that i am having terrible luck with my waiters/waitresses/waitpeoples.

oh, and the owner is a really cool, laidback guy. overall, i like this cafe, and will continue to come here for as long as they have good crepes. oh, and my personal favorite: white chocolate, coconuat and fresh raspberries. (drool).


Cindy said...

I'm a big fan of Centre Place too! Have stopped off at Aix a couple of times and liked it, though I think I'd like it a whole lot more if I had a white chocolate, coconut, raspberry crepe. :-)

Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Seems like a really nice place. The food pics look great.