Friday, April 11, 2008

starting afresh is always hard to do

there's something strangely foreign, and yet familiar, distant, and yet, too close for comfort, about starting something from scratch.

ok, ok, so i got suckered into started this up. i guess it had something to do with one too many jokes about substituting palm sugar for brown sugar... (i'm sure there's some lame nerd joke to be made about carbon chains, but i've got nothing).

anyway, to the crux of the issue - what am i actually going to write about.

so, yeah, i got lots of great ideas.

i got this and that.

i got ... nothing. abso-freaking nothing.

we'll see how this goes.

to be honest, i'll be discussing anything i am passionate about, which will be throwing weights around, keeping fit and being otherwise healthy, trying new recipes, and consuming copious amounts of alcohol (the upside is i can now call it "reviewing")

so if anyone wants to give me ideas, i'm all for it...

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