Monday, April 14, 2008

collingwood farmers market part 2 (i wish i knew what redux meant)

Ok, so this took a little bit longer than expected. blame it on me spending sunday afternoon playing squash for 2 hours, and subsequently dying when i got home. blame it on me being absorbed in my flatmate cooking dinner for me. actually, just blame it on my terrible attention span. i truly forgot.

so, here is the follow up :)

The one thing that you can have trouble getting in supermarkets (and the butcher's where i am from), is good meat, and good cuts of meats. things that are lovingly produced. for carnivores like me, these markets are heaven! too bad all the fillet steak was gone, and i wasn't feeling like pork, so i ended up getting some ... mutton. my mum would be SO proud. I just finished it then, and very nice. gamier than normal lamb you get, but it had flavours you just crave sometimes, and fulfills a deep desire...

on the way out, i had to go to the convent to get some bread. i rarely eat bread, so we'll see how good this is. it has to be REALLY good for me to eat a whole loaf of it though.

luckily, this is some of the best bread i've tried, so i'm a big fan. it didn't disappoint either!

and here is my stash: limoncello at the back, honey wheat loaf, manzanilla olives (which lasted all of 20 minutes) felafels, mutton sausages, venison kabana, and pumpkin and poppyseed pappadelle (i think it's called that - is that even a word?)

so far i have eaten the olives, and half the loaf, and made a pasta with the pasta, the sausages, the kabana, some good olive oil, and some cracked pepper. it worked out well.

i just got some new protein powder today (optimum health whey protein), so we'll give it a taste test and see how it goes. tomorrow night: dainty sichuan for a test of the pleasure/pain matrix.

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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Quite a stash there. Mutton is often eaten here in Malaysia. Mutton peratal is a delicious spicy indian dish that goes wonderfully with a mug of cold beer.