Monday, April 6, 2009

i'm baaa-aaack

ok, i'm back. finally.

let's just say that i have had a lot on my plate, but i'm now single.

so now i'll be back to blogging and posting information. this won't just be about eating out all the time anymore. i'm saving for a house and a car and lots of other things, as (sadly), i've taken the plunge and decided to grow up. no more hoodies, singlets in public, excessive drinking.

ok, maybe not the excessive drinking.

but i will be focusing on life, and enjoying it. i'm still staying true to my roots, but i stopped blogging because it had become a chore, and that's no fun. i'd had my fair share of run ins with over-zealous restaurant owners that took offence to me taking photos.

in the next couple of days there will be a brief synopsis of restaurants and bars i've been to and recommend, and those i would never go to again.

but for now, let's focus on the here, the now.

either way, i'm back now, for better or worse.

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